Ultrathin Desktop Charging Dock for LG G3 LC5-LGG3
This form-fitted ultrathin designed desktop charging dock connects your phone either enclosed in a protective case or without it! Keeping your phone charged and ready to go.

1. Form Fitted Ultrathin Design.*1
2. Cover-Mate Case Compatible- dock your device either with or without protective case with thickness up to 1.6mm.
3. Charge your device. 
4. Data synchronization with PC or Mac.
5. Flexible Connector for easy undocking.*1
6. Complimentary Reusable Sticky Pad for securing the dock in place and for single hand undocking.

● CE & RoHS

Package Contents:
● Cover-Mate Desktop Charging Dock
● Micro USB cable
● Reusable Sticky Pad 
● User Manual
● Silicon Sticky Pad

*1 Patent Product
*2 Recommend to use KiDiGi AC Adaptor for best performance