• This machine was specially designed to respond to the top three expectaions from the statistice.
  • Safety, productivity and durability are the top factors that all users expect from the investment.
  • Specially placed saw position technology makes this machine one of the most durable bone saw existed ever.
  • It is designed to support long production hours even used with the frozen meat, in which answer to both effectiveness and the efficiency for mass the machine can be either place on the stand or just simply placed on the floor.
          Wedth  : 520 mm 
          Depth  : 490 mm 
          Height  : 840 mm  
          Table size : 400 x 436 mm
          Voltage : 220V/0.5kW
          Blade speed : 15 m/s
          Cut thickness  : 4-140 mm
          Net weight  : 45 kg