Want to drive traffic to your business and increase guest satisfaction? This charging station is perfect for anywhere from cinemas and venues to airports. This durable, wall-mounted charging station features eight customizable cables, LED lighting, and an easy to change poster slot to display your company’s logo and events. Works with all Apple, Android and other popular devices. Model: LBD9.

Updated Branding – Sleek and subtle black-on-black aesthetic, does not obscure charging station.

Apple Certified MFi Charging Tips – Approved by Apple to charge all Apple products.

UL Safety Certified Power Adapter – Safety certified for safe operation.

The LED Ad Charging Station is the perfect accessory for your business. Features fully customizable cable combinations and bright LED backlighting for posters. It is excellent for busy venues, movie theatres, and shopping malls where heavy traffic is expected.

Included Charging Cables
2x Micro USB 3 inch Cables (Non Apple Devices)
2x Apple Lightning 3 inch Cables (iPhone 5 & Newer)
2x Apple Lightning 3 inch Cable (iPhone 4 & Older)
2x Female USB Port

Weight & Dimensions
Weight: 27.5 lbs
Width: 22.75 in
Height: 42 in
Depth: 2.5 in