• Two layers polycarbonate cover with 10mm air insulation
  • Minimise heat transfers and achieve high cooling efficiency
  • Rounded bowl corners make cleaning easy
  • Seperate bowls make cleaning easy and flavours change
  • Forced air cooled, easy to install
  • Unbreakable foodgrade, clear polycarbonate bowl with embossed volume labels for exact beverage preparation
  • Stainless steel unbreakable handle
  • Cooling dome made of polished stainless steel
  • Removable stainless steel side panels for easy maintenance (easy access to components)
  • Suitable for sandwaich bars, pizzerias, snack shops, fast food Chain, institutions, restaurant, hotels, bars
  • Sanitation :- all parts in contact with beverages are made of alimentary (foodgrade) materials and removable by hands (without tools).
  • High pressure and large cooling capacity compressor, suitable for tropical countries



          Width : 210 mm
          Length : 450 mm
          Height  : 710 mm



          Voltage : 220V / 50Hz
          Power : 704W
          Amps : 3.2A
          Compressor  : 1/4(190) HP
          Refrigerant  : R134a
          Energy Consumption  : 4.51kW/24hr
          Weight : 24 kg


Capacity: 18.9 Litre