Smooth, rounded bowl - lift professional design.Ideal for heavy loads / use and easy to clean

    Full metal body construction, high precision metal gears and metal control knobsStable, quiet and durable

    6.9 L stainless steel bowl

    Easily handles very large quantities of food

    High efficiency motor with direct drive

    Professional style attachment power hub

    Fits all current KitchenAid attachments and future larger capacity  commercial style  attachemnts

    Extremely robust standard accessories

    Durable and dishwasher safe



          Width      : 28.7 mm
          Depth      : 31 mm
          Height      : 41.9 mm
          Packegind Dimension      : 345 x 440 x 500 mm
          Weight     : 13

          Voltage      : 220 V
          Power      : 523 W
          Frequency     : 50 / 60 Hz
          Mashed Potatoes      : 3.6kg

Capacity: 6.9 litre

Material:  Stainless steel bowl