Size: 100 * 45 * 125mm (can be customized) 
Weight: about 340G 
Weight: about 350G 
QTY: 20 PCS / CTN 
Carton size: 310 * 230 * 320mm 
Carton Weight: 9 kg / CTN 
Application areas: high-end hotels, restaurant bar KTV high-end clubs Family 

Other description: 
1. Movement: Mute scanning movement 
2. Power: conventional AA batteries 
3. Function: Mute, seat fixed hours, increase the beauty 
The bell housing: Oak (birds eye maple eyelids) 
5. Pointer: minute, hour black, second hand, alarm pin gold (can be customized) 
6. The clock face: PVC Arab mixed surface (multiple choice) 
7. bottom: oblique metal plate, affixed to the bottom of the black velvet 
8. Dial: plastic bell piece, round decorative ring, gold plating (silver) Color 
Other parameters: 
The average difference between the instantaneous: ± 2sec / day at 1.5v, 23 ° c 
Operating voltage: DC1.25VTO1.7V 
Average current consumption: ≤130uA at 1.5v 
Battery / life: 1 year / AA / Year 
Alarm Volume: Over 80db at 1.5v, 10cm distance 
Alarm accuracy: ± 5 Minutes